Research of TOSSM Fellow 2018-2019

Papers of TOSSM Fellow 2018-2019

  1. Glenoid bone defect augmentation in recurrent anterior shoulder instability: A finite element analysis study
    Cahinun/ Nattaporn (Ramathibodi)

  2. Effect of tennis racket dampers on racket-grip interface
    Titi/ Mason (Vachira)

  3. Reliability of different methods for measuring stress radiographs of posterior cruciate ligament insufficiency
    Chaiwat/ Pinij (Rajavithi)

  4. Relationship of hamstrings power and size of semitendinosus and gracilis in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
    Ranaichanok/ Wachirapun (Songklanagarind)

  5. Circumferential fiber reinforcement of meniscus extrusion in vivo cadaveric study
    Atinun/ Winyou (Bumrungrad)

  6. Clinical and radiological outcomes of medial openwedge high tibial osteotomy: a comparative study between conventional and combined tibial tubercle elevation
    Worawit/ Wicharn (Lerdsin)

  7. Study of risk factor and retear rate after arthroscopic repair of massive rotator cuff tear
    Supamonkol/ Ekawit (Siriraj)

  8. Study the characteristics of acromial morphology after subacromial decompression in moderate to large tear size of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
    Narin/ Ekawit (Siriraj)

  9. Comparative Biomechanical Study Between Minimal Invasive Popliteus and LCL Reconstuction Versus LaPrade Technique A Cadaveric study Evaluated by Varus Stress Radiographs
    Panin/ Bancha (Thammasat)

  10. The precise location of pie crusting of posterior oblique ligament in arthroscopic media meniscus repair
    Nopporn/ Adinun (Thammasat)

  11. Loss pf extension following ACLR: Analysis of incidence & etiology
    Don/ Prasit (Chiangmai)

  12. New radiographic study of acromioclavicular joint instability: Cadaveric study
    Korkod/ Chanakarn (Chiangmai)

  13. Effect of Prophylactic Ankle Taping on Knee Biomechanics During the Cutting and Jumping Tasks in Professional Football Athletes: A 3D motion analysis
    Pakapon/ Vudthipong (Bangkok)

  14. Study of the final satisfied tibial insertion torque measurement of surgeons in comparison with audible friction sound in soft tissue graft ACL reconstructions
    Kobpong/ Pornthep (Bangkok)

  15. Pectoralis major tendon as a guide for proper calcar screw location: A cadaveric study
    Narubed/ Nattha (Pramongkut)

  16. Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: Clinical and radiological outcome in PMK experience
    Nunthapol/ Nattha (Pramongkut)

  17. The Valgus Stress Radiography and Clinical Outcome After Medial Pie-crusting During Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Medial Meniscus Procedure
    Thanakorn/ Nattha (Pramongkut)

  18. The relationship between radiograph ic tibial slope and non-contact anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) injuried patients in Thai population
    Kanin/— (Police)

  19. The greater tuberosity angle(GTA) could be a predictor for rotator cuff(RC) tear
    Tongchat /— (Police)

Present in TOSSM 2019 25-27 July

1st review : 31 Mar
2nd review : 30 Apr
3rd review : 31 May
Last review: 30 Jun